Labor’s resources policy sham

Labor’s so called resources policy is a complete sham and shows that they take Tasmanians for fools.

The royalty relief announcement was nothing more than a stunt. Labor haven’t actually committed to anything apart from maybe considering something if they are still in power in two months.

Today’s announcement takes the cake.  In the months before the last election Labor said they would attract an investor to build a silica smelter in Tasmania.  They didn’t. Instead, they did a deal with the Greens and frightened away investors. Yet today, Labor has the nerve to make the same announcement with the same empty promise.  Who do they think they’re kidding?

This is another one of their promises made on the never never. They are never budgeted for and they will never be delivered.

We can expect to see more of these fake policies which sound grandiose but can’t be delivered.

The only way we will encourage investment and development in areas like forestry and mining is to elect a strong, majority Hodgman Liberal Government with a long-term plan for Tasmania’s future.


– Adam Brooks MP, Shadow Minister for Mining

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