Majority Liberal Government Plan to get Behind and Back Small Business

Only the Liberals have a long term Plan to get behind and back small business, which is the engine room of the Tasmanian economy.

A key part of our Plan for small business is to cut red and Green tape which is costing Tasmanian small businesses over $1.3 billion a year.

A majority Liberal Government will appoint a Regulation Reduction Coordinator with a mandate to deregulate the Tasmanian business environment, boost productivity and reduce operating costs.

The Regulations Reduction Coordinator will immediately commence a comprehensive audit of all government regulations with the target of reducing red and Green tape by 20 percent.

During the audit the Coordinator will consult extensively with business and industry to identify a priority list of actions and prepare a report on findings and recommendations to Government within six months.

The Coordinator will also oversee the drafting of legislation to require an annual audit of red and Green tape in Tasmania.

Our Plan to stimulate the economy and create jobs in the small business sector also includes:

    • Providing $200,000 over four years to develop and implement a Winning Government Work Program that educates Tasmanians businesses on how to develop and submit tenders for government work;
    • Developing a strategic $200,000 Retail Ready for Business policy, which will provide retail businesses with the information and tools to operate successfully online;
    • Providing $100,000 to create and deliver a new Think Local First campaign that encourages Tasmanians to buy local;
    • Introducing a Local Benefits Test requiring community and social benefits to be taken into consideration when government purchasing decisions are made and ensuring Tasmanian businesses are given a fair go when tendering;
    • Introducing a $100,000 New Market Expansion Program to support innovation and assist business to expand their markets;
    • Commencing a pilot Mentoring, Training and Support Program to help small business thrive in a rapidly changing business environment; and
    • Requiring all government departments to pay invoices of less than $50,000 within 30 days, to prevent unnecessary financial strain being placed on businesses that provide services to government.

Creating jobs will be the number one priority of a majority Liberal Government. If we can increase employment in the small business sector by just one percent, we would create another 1,000 jobs for Tasmanians, stimulating the economy, the State budget and, in turn, our capacity to properly resource essential services in health, education and community safety.

Funding will come from the $500 million in savings we have already identified.

* See for all Liberal policies.

– Hon. Will Hodgman MP, Liberal Leader, and Adam Brooks MP, Shadow Minister for Small Business

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