The Liberals’ long term Plan to create jobs: Supporting retailers

A majority Liberal Government will support Tasmanian retailers by restoring confidence lost during the Labor-Green recession, and providing $1 million dollars to assist the retail sector adapt to a changing retail environment.*

The Liberals long term Plan for Tasmanian retailers is part of our continued and ongoing support for small business, and includes $240,000 over two years for a Tasmanian Retailer Development Program.

This program will provide Tasmanian retailers with the information and tools they require to innovate, lift productivity and remain profitable in a competitive marketplace.

Delivered by leading retail consultants and educators, the Retail Development Program will include:

Retail Excellence Workshops – on customer service, financial control, visual merchandising and digital marketing;
An Auditing and Benchmarking tool, with results to be used throughout the duration of the program; and
Consulting and Mentoring – providing specialist consultants and mentors to work with businesses to put workshop learnings into practice.

A majority Liberal Government will also commit $800,000 to enhance the Digital Ready for Retail Program and develop a strategic policy to aggressively target Tasmanian retail businesses that want to better understand how to operate online.

The enhanced program will provide Tasmanian retailers with the information and tools they require to make the most out of online services and opportunities. Creating jobs, including in our important retail sector, will be the number one priority of a majority Liberal Government.

We will also restore confidence crushed under Labor and the Greens so consumers start to spend again. Under the Liberals’ Tasmanians will have a strong and stable majority government that speaks with one voice and in a single direction.

* See for all Liberal policies.

– Hon. Will Hodgman MP, Liberal Leader, and Adam Brooks MP, Shadow Minister for Small Business

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