About Adam

Adam Brooks MP has been the Member for Braddon since 2010, and has held multiple ministerial and shadow ministerial portfolios over that time, including mining, building and construction, small business, hospitality and racing.

“…Whilst I have been fortunate to experience failure, success, triumph and setbacks, I have always had the gift of hope, ambition and a positive attitude. I do, though, know that not everyone has these advantages, and we have to offer hope to them. We need to retain our young people in Tasmania. How do we do this? We offer them opportunity in a prosperous, fortunate and innovative State where they see their future here, not interstate. We build ambition into them by allowing them to see how high they can fly. We lead them towards a positive attitude by allowing them to develop through encouragement. We have the resources, people and the expertise to do anything we set our minds to, but the people and our youth need leadership and it is up to all of us to provide that…”Extract from Adam’s Maiden Speech to the House of Assembly of the Tasmanian Parliament, June 2010

Adam grew up and was educated in Devonport, before joining the Royal Australian Navy at the age of 15. After completing an electrical apprenticeship in the Navy, during which time he helped to maintain missile systems, Adam went on to work extensively in the mining industry, experiencing life in small and remote communities. In 2004, he established Maintenance Systems Solutions (MSS), which has over 200 employees and consults on Asset Management and Maintenance, nationally and internationally to a diverse range of industries including the mining sector.

Adam stood for election to the Tasmanian Parliament at the March 2010 election, with the desire of making a positive contribution to the future of Tasmania. Humbled by the trust placed in him by the voters of Braddon – an electorate that sprawls across Tasmania’s productive North-West and West coasts, Adam is a passionate advocate for his region.

“…When I returned to Tasmania I did not do so because the Government celebrates business, or continues to push an unsubstantiated, mythical claim of job creation. I returned because this is my home, and because of that I have based my business here. My concern, though, is that while Tasmania is the greatest place to live, it is not the greatest place to do business…” Extract, Maiden Speech

Adam believes that it is the Liberal Party that best understands small business and the need for responsible development, for jobs growth and for opportunities for our young people in Tasmania. Critical social programs and social security safety nets can only be provided to those less fortunate if we have a strong economy, and for that reason Adam argues for governments not to hinder business with onerous and unnecessary regulation, but promote sustainable growth.

“…I entered this Parliament because I feel Tasmanians need a government and leadership they can be proud of, one that understands that social policy is very important but it does cost money and that small business and business in general is used to fund all of this…” Extract, Maiden Speech

Adam is committed to delivering honesty, integrity and openness in Parliament, and to always do his best to deliver what Tasmanians expect and deserve.

Adam will continue to fight for you and the north – west and if he can help in any way please contact the office on 03 6477 7530.