Liberals commit to reopening Arthur-Pieman for recreational access, with $300,000 investment in tracks

A majority Liberal Government will invest $300,000 on improving recreational access in the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area in line with its commitment of reversing the Labor-Green lock-ups.

Unlike Labor and the Greens, the Liberals support sustainable recreational access to the Arthur-Pieman and that’s why we will, in government, commit additional funding to allow tracks that they closed to be reopened.

As we have said on many occasions, cutting access to an area long enjoyed by Tasmanian families because of the actions of a small minority is not responsible government.

Rather, it only serves the Greens and their allies in their ongoing campaign to lock away even more of our state.

We believe in working with recreational land users; not against them.

Our commitment, given at a rally attended by as many as 5000 people in Smithton almost two years ago, stands.

If elected, a majority Hodgman Liberal Government will:

• retain the Arthur-Pieman as a multiple use area;
• maintain access to all areas that are currently accessible;
• reverse the track closures; and
• enter community-led consultation regarding the future use and proper care and management of tracks.

The investment we are announcing today reinforces our commitment.

The community-led consultation, not bureaucrats, will determine how those funds are best used to maintain sustainable recreational access and enjoyment of the Arthur-Pieman.

This commitment will be funded through the almost $500 million in savings we have already announced.

– Will Hodgman MP, Liberal Leader

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